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If you own an electric oven, you definitely want to know the most common electric oven repairs San Antonio issues to expect. For most people, electric ovens overwork during holidays. That’s because they are used to cooking meals for family gatherings and parties. Nevertheless, to ensure that your oven is in proper condition, look out for the following common problems.

Electric Oven Heating Failure

The digital display of your electric oven might fail to work. In some cases, this problem can be due to a blown fuse. A blown fuse means that the oven doesn’t have power. Therefore, check the circuit breakers first. You can also use another device to test your outlet. This will enable you to confirm if the oven is receiving power. Next, disconnect the electricity to check the fuse box or circuit breaker of the oven. This is found near the top-rear part of the oven. Replace the blown fuse or flip its circuit breaker if necessary.

However, if the oven has a power supply yet its digital display is not working on, your appliance needs a more detailed inspection. That’s when you need professional help to check its heating elements. You can also check for damage signs. These include the failure of the element to glow when you turn the appliance on high. The broiler elements can also be damaged.

Uneven Heating

Failure of the electric oven to heat evenly is another problem. This can be due to a heating element that has burned out. Typically, the bottom or top element can burn out. But, occasionally, the element can be damaged partially and this affects a part of the oven. To deal with this problem, turn the oven on and give the elements time to glow. The damaged element won’t glow properly. Once the elements have cooled down, disconnect elements or cut power and replace the faulty element accordingly.

Basically, these are the major problems that necessitate oven repair. If unable to troubleshoot your electric oven, seek professional assistance. Call Southwest Appliance Repair now to discuss your electric oven repairs San Antonio problems.