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I need a dryer repair service near me San Antonio solutions. You are likely to say this when your dryer develops a problem. A dryer serves the purpose of heating air and blowing it over wet clothes to dry them. This appliance uses a motor and a fuel source to serve its purpose.

As such, repairing a dryer may seem easy. However, there are times when fixing this appliance becomes difficult. In that case, you should call Southwest Appliance Repair SA to get professional assistance. Here are some of the things that should compel you to engage a professional dryer repair service in San Antonio.

Dryer Repair Service near San Antonio

If your dryer won’t start even when properly plugged in, something could be wrong. This may seem obvious but before you call a technician, check carefully. The plugs of your dryer can be bumped loose by objects in your home. Therefore, check carefully before you assume that your appliance is faulty.

Dryer Not Working When Properly Plugged in

If the dryer is plugged into its electrical outlet properly but still not running, check the central electrical box in your home. Find out whether there is a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If that’s the case, turn the tripped breaker on or replace the blown fuse. If that doesn’t work, call Southwest Appliance Repair SA for assistance.

Dryer Running but Not Heating

The thermal resistor or thermostat can be the problem if the appliance shuts off quickly after turning on. That’s because the dryer is turned off by the thermal fuse to prevent overheating. Check the limit thermostat, temperature sensor, and the cycling thermostat to find out if they are in proper working condition. If these are not the problem or if you are unable to do this, call Southwest Appliance Repair SA to get help from experienced professionals.

Terrible Noise from the Dryer

A clanking noise can be due to varied reasons including fastened buckles, zipped zippers, and extra items that take a spin. If the dryer is off-balance, it can also make a terrible noise while vibrating. Call Southwest Appliance Repair SA for help of you can’t identify and fix the problem.

Taking Long to Dry

If your appliance is taking forever to dry clothes, the problem could be the lint filter. Basically, if the dryer has a full lint filter, air will not flow freely. The appliance may have to work longer to dry clothes. It’s important that you call us to empty and clean the lint filter to remove any residue from the lint filter.

Southwest Appliance Repair SA has experts that understand problems that can hinder your dryer from functioning properly. Stop asking, who offers the best dryer repair service near me San Antonio solutions and give us a call now!